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崇宁重宝系北宋徽宗崇宁年间铸(公元1102年~1106年),币质有铜、铁、银。 崇宁重宝为隶书铜、铁大钱,制作多亦精好,存世较多。另有崇宁通宝钱文为徽宗御书瘦金体,铁划银钩,深具骨秀格清之气韵,书法超妙绝伦,堪称币文楷书之颠峰。世人评此为"宋代第一泉",与新莽并称中国钱发"二圣",崇宁通宝版式多变,尚有铁钱。

Chongning Chongbao was minted in the Chongning period of Huizong in the Northern Song Dynasty (1102-1106 A.D.). Its currency is made of copper, iron and silver. Chongning Chongbao is a big copper and iron coin in Li Shu. It is well made and well preserved. In addition, Chongning Tongbao Qianwen is a thin and golden style of Huizong imperial script, with a silver hook and a deep charm of bone and elegance. Its calligraphy is superb and excellent. It can be called the peak of regular script in coin script. The world called it "the first spring of Song Dynasty", and Xinmang called China's Qianfa "two saints". Chongning Tongbao version is varied, and there is still iron money.


In January 1100, the Emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty, Zhezong died, and his brother Zhao Wei succeeded him as the eighth emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty. Huizong "sexuality is very clever, better than skill", and he is obsessed with calligraphy painting all the time, and ignores the dynasty. In his 25 years of reign, he has successively cast six kinds of coins, including Sheng Song Tong Bao, Chong Ning Tong Bao (He Bao), Daguan Tongbao, Zheng He Tong Bao (He Bao), Zhonghe Tongbao, Xuanhe Tongbao (Yuanbao), and Chongning Zhongbao Qianwen Lishu. , simple and square, rigorous and solemn, fixed law. Some people think that Chongning Zhongbao Qianwen is also a book of Huizong, but the history is inconclusive. There are hundreds of kinds of heavy treasures, and there are many marks on the face. There are flowers, essays, face stars, and stars and stars. They can often be seen.


Each weight of Chongning Heavy Treasure is about 10 grams, which is equivalent to the weight of Chongning Tongbao Xiaoping Qian 3, but it has to be 10 small flat money flowers. At that time, the people stored the small money or were cast as the top ten money, resulting in Little money is scarce. So far, it is difficult to find Chongning Tongbao Xiaoping money, and the normal appearance is above 1,000 yuan. Chongning Heavy Treasure also has small money, the body is light and thin, the diameter is 26 mm to 27 mm, and the weight is between 2.5 g and 3.8 g. It is said that when the money is used.


The Song Dynasty was the only dynasty that did not inhibit business, and its economy was the most dazzling in Chinese history. Because of the economic development, nature also attaches great importance to the currency. The Chongning Tongbao issued by Song Huizong during the Chongning period has been widely used in neighboring countries. Chongning Year No. Money is one of the famous springs of Huizong in the Northern Song Dynasty. It combines calligraphy art and foundry art. It has important historical and artistic value and is increasingly concerned and valued by the collectors.




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