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民国三年袁 大 头



Yuan Datou was Yuan Shikai’s actor’s head, and in order to consolidate the political situation, develop the economy, and decide the currency to be issued during the unified currency system in the country, in the Tianjin Mint Factory and Wuchang, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other branches, Yuan Shikai’s head silver coin was cast according to specifications and weight. , commonly known as Yuan Datou. This kind of silver dollar was widely distributed before the war, and it has existed for a long time. It is an important role in the transformation of the modern Chinese currency system.

袁世凯侧面像,上环“中华民国三年”,中间汉字“壹圆” 周围环嘉禾纹饰。包浆老道,文字清晰可辨,深浅合适,制作精美, “袁大头”在货币收藏界被称为银元之宝,它是中国近千种近代银币中流传最广、影响最大的银元品种,也是近代中国币制变革中的一个重要角色。它见证着中国悠久的货币史,承载着古老的东方文明,蕴含着深厚的学问底韵,具有非凡的历史意义。

Yuan Shikai's side image, the "10th anniversary of the Republic of China" in the ring, the middle Chinese character "壹圆" around the ring Jiahe decoration. The patina is old, the text is clear and identifiable, the depth is appropriate, and the production is exquisite. “Yuan Datou” is called the treasure of silver yuan in the currency collection industry. It is the most widely spread and most influential silver dollar variety among nearly one thousand kinds of modern silver coins in China. An important role in the transformation of modern Chinese currency. It bears witness to China's long history of currency, carries ancient civilizations of the East, and contains profound cultural rhymes with extraordinary historical significance.


"Yuan Datou" is known as the treasure of silver in the currency collection industry. It is the most widely spread and most influential silver dollar in China's nearly a thousand modern silver coins. It is also an important role in the modern Chinese currency reform. The time of circulation is also very long. This silver dollar was made in the 10th year of the Republic of China. The pattern and text above are no different from the previous Yuan Datou. There is no difference in other aspects, but the only difference is that the number of issuances at that time is relatively small. Since the circulation was relatively small at the time, the number of survivors is now very rare.


此枚民国三年袁大头是李先生收藏的珍品,上环“中华民国三年”,中间汉字“壹圆” 周围环嘉禾纹饰。包浆老道,文字清晰可辨,深浅合适,制作精美,品相保存完好,虽略有磨损但整体品相可达到美品,具有非凡的历史意义,极高的收藏价值和无尽可期的升值空间。



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