[collection name]: copper coins of Qing Dynasty


[collection type]: Coins


[collection price]: 600000--800000


When it comes to the copper coins of the Qing Dynasty, I believe many people are familiar with it. In recent years, there have been a lot of TV dramas about the Qing palace. All kinds of Qing Dynasty drama wearing Yue opera not only attracted people's attention, but also made many people fall in love with this period of history. But it is a pity that the early stage of this period of history is good, and the later stage is only humiliation. In the more than 200 years of Qing Dynasty history, the Qing Dynasty has also left us a lot of precious wealth, such as porcelain, such as copper coins, Qing Dynasty copper coins, the scientific name of the Qing Dynasty machine-made copper yuan. This copper coin began in the 26th year of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty and stopped in the third year of Xuantong. Although Tongyuan was in its heyday for more than 20 years, it had only been in circulation for more than 20 years. There are many different types of copper coins. There is a dragon on the back of the copper coin of Qing Dynasty. It can increase a person's Qi and protect him. Therefore, many collectors use it as a talisman to drive away evil spirits and avoid disasters. Because of this, many collectors like to collect this coin.

大清铜币是钱币收藏的大类,历来都受到很多藏家的关注,不同版别的大清铜币都有独特的韵味,值得藏家深品。 古钱币这种藏品可以说从我国走向贸易时期段开始盛世发行的,至今为止可以说钱币的样式数不胜数,具体多少种类也没有多少人能说的清楚,当然年代越是久远,越是稀奇的古钱币价值也就越高,市场也自然很好,对于年代不是太久远的古钱币而言也是具备一定收藏价值的,毕竟是代表历史发展的依据,随着近年来古钱币的火热,同时也吸引了一大批海内外的藏家投资热。

Qing Dynasty copper coins are a large category of coin collection, which has always been the concern of many collectors. Different editions of Qing Dynasty copper coins have unique charm and are worthy of deep appreciation. It can be said that the collection of ancient coins began to be issued in the heyday of China's trade period. Up to now, there are countless types of coins, and few people can say clearly about the specific types. Of course, the older the age is, the higher the value of rare ancient coins will be, and the market will naturally be very good. For ancient coins which are not too old, they also have certain types Collection value, after all, represents the basis of historical development. With the popularity of ancient coins in recent years, it has also attracted a large number of collectors at home and abroad.


This copper coin of Qing Dynasty is beautifully designed. The front design of the collection is "Daqing copper coin" in Manchu and Chinese characters in the Pearl circle. The two sides of the coin are the chronicles of Ganzhi, and the two characters of Hubu are on the left and right sides. The coin value of the lower ring is lower. In the middle of the four characters, there is a abbreviation for the circulation province. It is very rare that this kind of copper coin is rare. Because of the outbreak of the revolution of 1911 and the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, the number of coins is limited and the number of coins is rare In the center of the back is a picture of a dragon in English, with the year of Xuantong on the top. The dragon on the back is a full scale picture. Its claws and scales are very clear. It is a rare masterpiece.


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