In recent years, China's collection sector has enjoyed a boom, with many collections appreciating in value. And one of the fastest appreciation, the largest range of money is one of the varieties.

    The coin with square hole is one of the most common COINS in ancient China. It evolved from circular coin and later became a fixed form of copper coin in ancient China. In shape and system, round COINS with square holes completely conform to the traditional philosophical concept of "round heaven and round earth", so they have been used in China for more than two thousand years, making these small COINS become the carrier and witness of history.

    This piece is shown as kangxi tongbao. Kangxi emperor is probably an ancient Chinese monarch that everyone is familiar with. Eight years old to ascend the throne, zhizhuaobai, brave retreat from San Francisco, in the performance of today's film and television drama, every piece is exciting passion. Collections related to kangxi are also popular because of their distinctive influence.

    One of the most representative is kangxi tongbao. Kangxi tongbao was cast in the reign of emperor kangxi of the qing dynasty (1662~1722). Its shape is the traditional outer circle and inner square, and the material is refined copper. Coin positive text is "kang xi tong bao" four characters, read from top to bottom and right and left. Money back through the mouth on both sides of the manchu mark, this is the casting money bureau logo.

    The coin as a whole is in excellent condition. The circulation trace of coin surface is obvious, there is a layer of old wrapped pulp, brilliant golden color. Qian wen engraved neatly, deep and powerful font lines, the wind of calligraphy. At that time, the social order was relatively stable, the economy developed rapidly, and trade was frequent around the world, and the monetary economy was also very developed. So the COINS of the kangxi period were usually minted very delicately and neatly. Money type is also relatively thick, with a high value of art viewing. This kind of coin on collecting market is good at present is not much to see, have higher collect value.






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