Chong Ning Chong Bao, one of China's ancient coins, was cast at the end of the Northern Song Dynasty and has the largest number of editions. According to statistics, there are about 300 editions of Chong Ning Chong Bao. Every year, different editions are discovered by experts or Tibetan friends. This is a great treasure. During the reign of Emperor Chongning of the Northern Song Dynasty, the official script of the face-to-face inscription "Chongning Chongbao" was read with a bare back. The coin was covered with natural paste, with a thorough rust color, a correct outline, a clean wearing wheel, handsome and handsome writing, simple and elegant modeling, and a sense of vicissitudes of history.



[Collection Name]: Chong Ning Chong Bao


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公元1100年1月,北宋皇帝哲宗病故,其弟赵佶接替为北宋第八任皇帝宋徽宗。徽宗“性甚机巧,优于技艺”,终日沉迷于书法绘画,不理朝纲,其在位期间,先后铸造六种钱币, 崇宁重宝为隶书铜、铁大钱,制作精好。文中此崇宁重宝,钱币上有刻“崇宁重宝”就是宋徽宗“瘦金体”的字迹,其表面都长满了铜锈色,此件崇宁重宝传世品也因空气中氧化作用,表面有一层包浆,呈黑色或铜色。整体结构严谨庄重,古朴方正,钱体厚重,青铜质,锈色古旧。

In January 1100 AD, Emperor Zhezong of the Northern Song Dynasty died. His brother Zhao Ji succeeded Song Huizong, the eighth emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty. Huizong was "skillful in nature and superior to craftsmanship". He indulged in calligraphy and painting all day long and ignored Chaogang. During his reign, he successively cast six kinds of coins. Chong Ning and Chong Bao made a lot of money from official script copper and iron, making them excellent. In this article, the coin with the inscription "Chong Ning Chong Bao" is Song Huizong's "thin gold body" and its surface is covered with copper rust. This piece of Chong Ning Chong Bao handed down from ancient times is also covered with black or copper paste due to oxidation in the air. The overall structure is rigorous and solemn, of primitive simplicity and founder, the money is thick, bronze and rusty.

关于此钱,有一个传说,谓其面文为蔡京所书,而其书写时别有用心地将“崇”字的山和宗的竖笔连成一线;将“宁”字繁体之中的“心”省略,被人指责为“有意破宋,无心宁国”。但迄今并未发现有如上所说这种写法的钱币,因得不到印证,仍是一个谜。崇宁重宝系北宋徽宗崇宁年间铸(公元1102年~1106年),币质有铜、铁、银。 崇宁重宝为隶书铜、铁大钱,制作多亦精好,存世较多。另有崇宁通宝钱文为徽宗御书瘦金体,铁划银钩,深具骨秀格清之气韵,书法超妙绝伦,堪称币文楷书之颠峰。世人评此为“宋代第一泉”,与新莽并称中国钱发“二圣”,具有一定的收藏价值。

About this money, there is a legend, saying that Cai Jing wrote his face, and when he wrote it, he purposely linked the mountain with zong's vertical pen. The omission of the word "heart" from the traditional Chinese character "ning" has been accused of "intentionally breaking the song dynasty but unintentionally calming the country." However, up to now, no coins written in this way have been found. It is still a mystery that they cannot be verified. Chong Ning Chong Bao was cast during the reign of Emperor Chong Ning of the Northern Song Dynasty (1102-1106 A.D.). The coins were made of copper, iron and silver. Chong Ning Chong Bao is rich in copper and iron for official script. It is well-made and well-made, and has a long history. In addition, Chong Ning Tong Bao's Qian Wen is the thin gold body of the imperial calligraphy of Hui Emperor, with iron and silver hooks. It has the charm of a clear and elegant character. Its calligraphy is superb and can be called the peak of regular script in coins. The world regards this as "the first spring of the song dynasty" and, together with Xin mang, calls it the "two saints" of China's money distribution, which has a certain collection value.






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