御世珍藏 尚博古今【丝绸之路典藏册赏析】


   "One Belt And One Road" is the design of a new system of China's open economy. It is a major measure to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


       In the 21st century, in a new era of peace, development and win-win cooperation, it is all the more important and precious to    carry forward the spirit of the silk road in the face of sluggish global economic recovery and complicated international and regional situations. The silk road cultural publishing center has also planned the collection of selected works of famous scholars of the silk road, which, in the form of literary readers and with the personalized observation and touch of writers, shows the historical, cultural, regional customs and personality charm of the provinces and cities along the silk road in China. The authors of this series have a strong team, which gathers a group of first-class writers of real power in China today.



      This collection is well preserved, with a trace of book flavor, exquisite printing effect; Beautiful classic landscape works; Advocating the historical background of national "One Belt And One Road" will bring a happy answer to the art circle. Along the way rich historical sites, beautiful natural scenery and other cultural customs, once provided a good theme for numerous artists.




      The major initiatives of "building the silk road economic belt" and "the 21st century maritime silk road", which may be referred to as "One Belt And One Road", have received high attention from the international community. The maritime silk road is oriented toward asean and a strategic fulcrum for the development of the hinterland. Accelerating the construction of the "One Belt And One Road" is conducive to promoting economic prosperity and regional economic cooperation among countries along the belt and road, strengthening exchanges and mutual learning among different civilizations, and promoting world peace and development.













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