御世珍藏 尚博古今【羊宝赏析】

重:2.4g    直径:2.11cm



      The stone of yangbao sheep is spherical, black and brown, bigger than that of table tennis ball, with concave and convex and grain on it. The stone is obtained from the slaughtered sheep, which is close to that of bezoar when used, and is often used as a substitute for bezoar, which has the function of relieving heat, benefit bravery, tongqiao and alarming. Sheep treasure, also known as the sheep dung stone, only contained in the "compendium of materia medica", is a rare Chinese medicine. "Normally only one in ten thousand sheep is likely to take it out, so it's very rare.


      The market value of yangbao, yangbao, I believe many people have heard of it, usually refers to the testicles of sheep, but what we are talking about here is not the testicles of sheep, but sheep stones, which are formed by indigestion and condensation of food residue, and has high medicinal value and collection value." In the world of medicine and antiques, we also call it yangbao. Usually from the carcass of a slaughtered ram; Or the part of the genitalia of a male goat that is cut. The formation process of yangbao is that sheep eat some indigestible and keratinized things in the process of feeding, and gradually form a foreign body, which accumulates over time through its own wrapping.



      As the saying goes, the best things come from the sheep. However, not everyone has seen such things as sheep treasure. And used it! Yangbao is a drug introduction to Chinese medicine. Can be used to treat a variety of difficult and complicated diseases, visible its precious degree. Legend kangxi years, kangxi got some strange disease, looking for countless too cure. Finally, an eminent folk man only used sheep treasure blindly medicinal herbs to cure it. See its precious degree!
















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