Section 58 classic collection of banknotes, coins and stamps.


珍藏册包含: 《财富至尊》58国纸钞硬币邮票经典珍藏册,册中收藏有国际主要流通货币美金、英镑、人民币等纸钞18枚,各大洲硬币20枚,以及体现人类文明、璀璨智慧和瑰丽自然的精致邮票20枚,整套册子以别具匠心的角度突出重点,以别具一格的形式表现主题。

The collection includes: Fortune supreme, a classic collection of 58 national banknotes, coins and stamps, in which 18 banknotes such as US dollar, pound and RMB, 20 coins of all continents, and 20 exquisite stamps embodying human civilization, brilliant wisdom and magnificent nature are collected. The whole set of booklet highlights the key points in an ingenious way and presents the theme in a unique form 。



Exquisite and gorgeous interior page, rich and accurate information, exquisite decoration make this product extremely appreciative, knowledgeable, collectible and value-added!


藏品先容: 财富是人世间最可贵的物质产品和学问产品。它以其独有的魅力微观的浓缩了人类社会的发展历程,而货币和邮票则是体现这一历程最直接的见证者。

Collection introduction: wealth is the most valuable material and cultural product in the world. With its unique charm, it epitomizes the development process of human society, and money and stamps are the most direct witnesses of this process.



Since its birth, money and stamps not only bear the functions of circulation and value measurement, but also witness the historical development of different nations and countries. The words and figures inside deeply reflect the real political, economic and social features at that time.



This classic collection of 58 national banknotes, coins and stamps is exquisitely printed. It has a collection value and investment value!







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