御世珍藏 尚博古今【民国十年袁大头赏析】

26.8g    直径:3.89cm



      Speaking of silver dollar, we have to mention yuan da da, which is known as the treasure of silver dollar in the field of currency collection. After the revolution of 1911, yuan shikai issued the silver dollar in order to solve the problem of military expenditure and improve his political status.
       Yuan da da is one of the main currencies in circulation during the republic of China period. Yuan da da is the colloquial name for yuan shikai series of COINS, which is strictly called "yuan shikai resembles back jiahe silver coin". After the fall of the qing dynasty, yuan shikai became President in April 1912. In view of the complexity of coinage and banknote at that time, the government of beiyang decided to coin and issue national currency due to the fact that there were more than 100 kinds of domestic and foreign currencies in circulation with different specifications, chaotic circulation, complicated conversion, and resentment among the public.
       Ten years of the republic of China "yuan da da" silver dollar. On the front is the profile of yuan shikai, listed above as the "decade of the republic of China". Yuan shikai in the currency eyes have a god, jiongjiong gaze before the upper part. Dress clean and neat, revealing its meticulous style, very vivid image. On the reverse side of the coin, the word "one yuan" is surrounded by two strings of symmetrical wheat ears. The whole coin is finely forged and exquisitely carved. As it is a physical currency, it is in line with people's recognition of precious metals and their strong sense of historical and cultural identity, so there are many collectors. "Yuan big head" the realization ability is stronger, this is also one of the factors that collectors are optimistic about!

      Yuan da da is one of the most widely circulated and influential silver dollar varieties among nearly one thousand kinds of modern silver COINS in China. It is an epoch-making achievement in China's modern monetary history with far-reaching significance. In China's modern monetary history occupies a very important position. The personage inside course of study thinks, future "yuan big head" collect still has bigger value space.













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