French Indochina trade silver dollar, commonly known as "Yang Yang", one of the foreign silver coins circulated in China at the end of Qing Dynasty. The silver coin is on the front side of the statue of liberty. The decorative pattern on the back is wheat ear. French has "trade silver dollar" and "French Indochina". Sitting abroad, according to the silver dollar figure published in 1952 in the people's Bank of China, its official name should be Annan silver dollar, also known as "sitting man" and "Fa Guang", because the wreath on the head of the statue of liberty sitting on the obverse of this silver coin has seven beams of light, commonly known as "seven corners". However, for the convenience of narration, "sitting in the ocean" is generally used.



[collection name]: sitting on foreign currency 1897


Class: Coins

此枚坐洋币为1897年版,钱币正面的主图为手执束棒的自由女神坐像,坐像的两侧所铸法文文字是:REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE。女神座下方有小字法文BARRE和该币发行的年份1897。钱币背面的主图案为一花环,周圈为说明文字,花环上方铸法文为:FRANCAISE INDO-CHINE,银币花环结带上方带有A字母。银币花环下方文字为:TITRE 0.900. POIDS 27 GR。整块银币背面文字的中文意译为:法兰西印度支那。坐洋币银元整体制作精良,版面清晰秀美,文字方正,保存良好,在经过时间的洗礼,岁月的冲刷后包浆自然,更富有其浓厚的历史感,此币存世量极少,十分罕见,具有很高的艺术观赏价值和文物价值。

On the obverse of this 1897 seated coin, the main figure is the seated statue of liberty with a bar in hand. The French characters on both sides of the seated statue are: Republique Francaise. Below the goddess there is small French Barre and the issue of 1897. The main pattern on the back of the coin is a wreath with an explanatory text around it. The French above the wreath is Francaise indo-chine with a letter above the wreath of silver. The text below the silver wreath is: titu 0.900. Poids 27 gr. The Chinese characters in the back of the silver coin are translated in Chinese: Indochina, France. Sitting on the foreign currency silver dollar, the overall production is excellent, the layout is clear and beautiful, the text is square, well preserved, after the baptism of time, the years of scouring, the wrapping is natural, more rich in its strong sense of history, this coin is rare, very rare, with high artistic and cultural value.


It was issued intermittently until 1937, when the shadow of the war came to an end. After the abolition of the two yuan reform in 1933, the shipping and French currency gradually unified the shopping malls, which happened to disappear. After the Second World War, France ruled Indochina briefly, and no silver money was issued. It played an important role in the early trade between China and Southeast Asia, with a very high historical significance.



At that time, it was favored by people from all over Asia. Due to the reasons of the Second World War, the loss and destruction of sitting in the ocean are more. At present, there are very few people living in the world, which is extremely precious and has a high collection value. In the future, with the development of the silver dollar market and in-depth research, the development potential of sitting in the foreign market is huge. It is a rare rare foreign currency with a broad collection prospect.





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