After the Revolution of 1911, the Republic of China was established, and the whole country was in a state of complete disuse. In order to enable economic development to recover and solve military expenditures and improve personal political status, Yuan Shikai succeeded to the throne, and the government issued silver dollar currency, which played a great role in the economic recovery at that time. The silver dollar is also called "Yuan Datou" because it has a side image of him.



[Name of Collection]: One Yuan in Three Years of the Republic of China


[Category]: Coin


The front of the three-year edition of the Republic of China is a profile of yuan Shikai, listed above as "the three years of the Republic of China". There is no word "Zao" after the word "Nian". Other editions have a word "Zao" after the word "Nian". There is a "dot" in the three-year version of the word "min", while there is no "dot" in the other year versions. Coins have regular shapes and are very delicate and beautiful.



Yuan Xiang's one yuan silver coin in the third year of the Republic of China is excellent in appearance, well preserved, extremely exquisite, natural in paste, and with a detailed view of the coin, there are also obvious transitional traces of historical circulation. "Yuan Datou" represents China's modern currency culture, reflects the rise and fall of China's modern history, economy, finance and vicissitudes. It has a high value of art and cultural relics, as well as a certain function of preservation and appreciation.



The ornamentation of Jiahe on the back of the coin shows China's idea of building a country based on agriculture for thousands of years. The artistic patterns on coins have been carefully studied and designed by famous artists. They are like exquisite artworks with extremely high artistic value and appreciation value. Therefore, one can not only enjoy beauty and be nurtured by art from coins, but also understand the social and economic situation, political style and historical background at that time.



"Yuan Datou" is called the treasure of silver dollar in the world of money collection. It is the most widely circulated and influential silver dollar variety among nearly 1,000 kinds of modern silver coins in China, and it is also an important role in the currency reform in modern China. As it is a kind of currency, it is between people's recognition of precious metals and their strong identification with history and culture, so there are not a few collectors.






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