This copper coin, with clear pattern and text, smooth and smooth surface and no obvious impact marks on the edge, is considered to be a good product. The copper coins with good quality are worth collecting. Even for common varieties, the front bead circle of this copper coin is "Sichuan copper coins", with a lotus flower ornament in the center, and a flower star engraved on both sides of the circle. The top is "made by the military government", and the bottom is "when making 100 Wen". There is a seal character "Han" in the center circle on the back, and 18 small circles are decorated on the outer circle. There is also a flower star on both sides, with the year of "the second year of the Republic of China" on the top and the white on the bottom. The circulation trace is obvious, the casting material is red copper, the copper color is old. Copper yuan collection value is also high!



[collection name]: Sichuan copper coins made by the military government


Class: Coins


The main function of Sichuan copper coin is to pay for military use, so it has dual functions of military currency and civil currency. There are 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 denominations of this coin, of which only the sample coin remains, which is extremely rare. However, the number of 50 Wen coins is relatively small, so it can be seen that this 50 Wen Sichuan copper coin is a rare boutique in the world, extremely rare and of great collection value. Sichuan copper coin made by the military government represents the currency culture of modern China, reflects the rise and fall of modern history, economy and finance of our country and vicissitudes of life. It has a high artistic value and cultural relic value, as well as a certain function of preservation and appreciation.


The design of the whole coin is simple and elegant, simple and elegant, with moderate depth of ornamentation, intact appearance, exquisite casting and exquisite workmanship. It is a masterpiece of craftsman's ingenuity. It has an important historical significance and has a high historical research value and investment collection value, with profound significance.



According to the introduction of Sichuan copper coin investors in the market, Sichuan copper coin is a public collection with a certain number of collectors. In the early stage, powerful buyers from all regions in China intervened in the Sichuan copper coin sector, controlling the market supply to a certain extent, leading to the rapid rise of its price. At the same time, the value of Sichuan copper coins is also rising. Judging from the acceptance of collectors and citizens, it is expected that the price of Sichuan copper coins will continue to rise in the later stage!






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