大清铜 币



The Qing Dynasty copper coin, the scientific name of the Qing Dynasty mechanism copper circle, casting from the beginning of Guangdong, 1900 (Guangxu twenty-six years), the Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi Deshou and the former Governor Li Hongzhang played the imitation of the Hong Kong Tongxian casting mechanism copper circle. The mechanism copper circle is well-casted compared to the square hole copper coins. The following year, the Qing government ordered the imitation of the coastal provinces along the Yangtze River. Therefore, when the ten copper round casting sites are different, this is the most obvious feature that distinguishes different ten copper circles.


“Big Qing Copper Coin” was cast in 19 provincial bureaus. In addition to the founders of the Central Household Department, the local provinces cast copper circles, all of which are engraved in the front center of the inscriptions of the Yin or Yangwen province. “Da Qing Copper Coin” is one of the top ten honorable items in modern Chinese coins due to its elegant layout, excellent carving and rare deposits.

此枚“大清铜币”钱面中央铸“大清铜币”四个汉字,上端是满文“大清铜币”字样,两侧为年份“丙午”,边缘中间分列“户部”二汉字,下端为“当制钱十文”。钱背中央为蟠龙,上端是“光绪年造”,下端英文“TAI-CHING-TI-KUO COPPER COIN”(大清帝国铜币)。铜质精良,形制规整,品相极佳,具有很高的历史价值、艺术价值和收藏价值。

This "big Qing copper coin" money surface centrally casts "Da Qing copper coin" four Chinese characters, the upper end is the Manchu "big Qing copper coin", the two sides are the year "Bingwu", and the middle of the edge is divided into "Hubei" two Chinese characters. The lower end is "When the money is written". The center of Qianbei is Xiaolong, the upper end is "Guangxu Year", and the lower end is English "TAI-CHING-TI-KUO COPPER COIN" (Da Qing Empire Copper Coin). The copper is excellent, the shape is regular, the appearance is excellent, and it has high historical value, artistic value and collection value.


In April of the first year of the Republic of China, the Sichuan Chengdu Mint was ordered by the military government to replace the former Qinglong copper bronze old model and the new version of the bronze medal of the Republic of China. Officially opened the founding of the military government to create Sichuan copper coins, and mold-casting "the military government made Sichuan copper coins" (also known as the "Han" copper coin). At the beginning of the casting, only ten coins and twenty texts were issued. In May of the same year, It was also added as a kind of fifty-five. In that year, it was planned to cast more than 60.55 million pieces of Tongwen copper, more than 12.47 million pieces of twenty-two bronzes, and more than 9.35 million pieces of copper. In the Republic of China, in addition to continuing to cast ten articles and two In addition to the ten-character and fifty-five bronzes, it has also increased the number of bronzes with a weight of five yuan and eight cents. Therefore, one hundred copper coins are extremely precious, and the market value is even more expensive.

此枚大清铜币是吴先生收藏的珍品,钱面中央有"大清铜币"四个汉字,内嵌一小字代表地名,上端是满文"大清铜币"字样,两侧为年份“丙午”。边缘中间分别"户部"二汉字,下端为"当制钱十文",中心是当时的铸造地的简称。钱背中央为蟠龙,上端是"光绪(或宣统)年造",下端英文"Tai-Ching Ti-Kuo Copper Coin"字样(大清帝国铜币)。表面包浆自然,年代感浓厚。极具审美意味和收藏价值。



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