National Day 50th anniversary pot




Number: YSWHZLFW - 6077


The pot is a product reflecting the fashion of The Times. The taste of a certain era has standardized its shape and decoration. Throughout the historical evolution of the memorial pot, it is generally manifested in the following three stages: from rough to fine, from great to small, from simple to complex, and from simple to simple again. For modern collectors, the commemorative pot is one of the pillars of the collection world.



The bottom of the collection should be connected with the whole pot. The bottom of the pot can be divided into square and round, concave and flat, circle and foot, rib and stump. From this deduction, performance is very rich: the circle foot such as the bottom of the bowl; Square circle foot is like ring city, the bottom that opens the door: concave bottom is the bottom of melon persimmon orange peach more; Most of the feet are breast nails, curling feet, tripod posts and the base of the feet. Sinews pay attention to the echo of the bottom cover, texture Ming tong yu; What the stump asks is to change with the form, bottom ring nature harmony.



The collection by the clay preparation of zisha pottery, molding techniques, modeling design and inscriptions, have been very much studied, established for the zisha industry is still followed by the use of clay and insert that kind of forming out of thin air high difficulty technical system. In recent years, purple sand high-quality goods is becoming the codiness of artwork auction market, market price rises repeatedly, known as the most valuable antique collection. Let alone the master works, often difficult to find a pot. By the reign of emperor qianlong of qing dynasty, the works of the 50th anniversary pot were regarded as a rare treasure.



Due to the scarcity of National Day 50th anniversary POTS, and the high usage rate, less handed down, so National Day 50th anniversary POTS of high value, and the real is also very few, so very valuable collection!



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