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Shady wood has a very high value, known as the "Mummy" of the plant world. With the development of science and technology, shady wood is gradually recognized by people. It is a kind of natural green wood with high density, stable physical and mechanical properties and strong corrosion resistance. Its unique wood properties are inferior to any artificial synthesis.


阴沉木有着悠久的历史,随着时代的变迁,人工开采,大量的阴沉木被人们熟知。目前,人们对于阴沉木的称呼不一,东北地区称之为“浪木”;川渝地区称之为“乌 木”、“乌 龙 木”;两 广 地 区 称 之 为 “水 浸木”;还有部分地区称之为“炭化木”;而在西方国家称之为“东方神木”、“植物大熊猫”。但从严格定义来说,乌木、炭化木与阴沉木截然不同。

Shady wood has a long history, with the changes of the times, artificial mining, a large number of shady wood is known by people. At present, people have different names for Sunwood, which is called "Langmu" in the northeast, "Wumu" and "wulongmu" in Sichuan and Chongqing, "water soaked wood" in Guangdong and Guangxi, and "carbonized wood" in some areas, and "Shenmu" and "plant giant panda" in the East in western countries. But strictly speaking, ebony, carbonized wood and Sunwood are quite different.



Because of the changes of the earth's crust, such as earthquakes, floods, mudslides and other natural disasters, the ancient forest is buried in the low-lying depth of the ancient river bed or in the mud. Under the environment of hypoxia, high pressure, weak acid and microorganism, it has been carbonized slowly for thousands of years and formed. It is bright in color, delicate and smooth, dense and corrosion-resistant, with special fragrance, compared with the same kind of modern wood, The content of the contents (such as gum and essential oil) is more, the density is larger, the size stability is better, and the corrosion resistance is stronger. Among the broad-leaved trees, the sunken trees of Fagaceae, Lauraceae and Magnoliaceae are more common, while the sunken trees of coniferous trees of Cupressaceae and Taxodiaceae are more common.



In China, the main reason is that there are abundant vegetation species in these areas, and there are a large number of tree species that are easy to form shade wood. Secondly, these areas are easy to form a series of geological disasters due to topography and water source, which provides necessary conditions for the formation of shade wood.



Because of the natural ecological environment factors, the unique ecological beauty of shady wood is created. Its shape is different, texture is smooth, color is simple, lifelike, with a strong visual beauty, known as priceless. There are thousands of forms of shady wood. Artists can show the beauty of its form by carving, and change its aesthetic value by combining nature and form. The unique texture of shady wood makes every shady wood art unique and irreplaceable. It can show the elegance of this work of art. Most of the dark wood color is deep and thick. This dark color gives people a sense of mystery, retro, calm and gives a better interpretation of "wood culture". The "beauty of taste" of shady wood plays a certain role in the aesthetic research of shady wood, and its fragrance gives people a sense of pleasure.



The ancient caissons with a long time are obviously carbonized, showing the black coal like color, strange and wonderful. According to the detection of scientific research institutions, ancient caissons have been hidden in the earth for 3000 to 12000 years, some of which are even tens of thousands of years. What's more, they are not deformed, heavy in weight, high in density, and will not be eaten by insects. Some of them can be compared with red sandalwood, which can be called the essence of trees and the soul of trees. The ancients regard ancient caissons as treasures of evil avoidance, blessing and residence, including "even if there are Gold is not as good as ebony. Ancient caissons are treasures left by nature and rare resources that are not renewable. It is difficult to find them with better materials.


Strictly speaking, the shade wood has gone beyond the range of wood, and should be listed as the category of "treasure". This is because, in the "treasure garden" of the Palace Museum, there are wonderful works of art carved from shady wood. It can be seen that the degree of its preciousness is far beyond that of ordinary wood. In terms of its texture, cultural value and appreciation prospect, the shady wood furniture and works of art are incomparable, even surpassing the precious red sandalwood.



Yin caimu is rare in the world. It can compete with Zhu Yu in the capital. "The mire does not damage the clank of the bones. Once you enter the Huatang hall, you can see the light on your clothes." Because of its scarcity, low yield, non renewable and high ornamental value, it has high scientific research value, cultural value and economic added value. The furniture and works of art, which are made of the unique materials, ancient verve and various artistic forms of the Sunwood, are highly integrated works of art of nature and humanity, with great value for viewing and collection.



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