The coins of Qing Dynasty are as brilliant as the stars, and the value of ancient coins is the most valuable one in the reign of Guangxu. The Qing Dynasty is the last feudal dynasty in China. Its decline in the later period can be described as the most chaotic period in Chinese history. The incompetence of the Qing government is obvious. However, when it is poor, it will change. The Westernization Movement is undoubtedly an important initiative for the rulers of the Qing Dynasty to make positive progress. Based on the influence of the Westernization Movement, the mint industry has also changed.



[name] twenty articles on making Guangxu Yuanbao


Ancient coins


At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the price of copper rose dramatically, and the money was destroyed by the people, so as to gain several times of the profits. There was a shortage of money on the market. Due to the stop of casting and making money in Guangdong, there is a lack of money making on the market, and small amount circulation is very inconvenient. In order to save the money shortage, and influenced by Hong Kong copper dollar and foreign currency, in June of Guangxu's 26th year, the governor of Guangdong, Guangdong and Guangdong, Deshou, and Li Hongzhang, former governor of Guangdong and Guangdong, set out to cast machine-made copper dollar imitating Hong Kong copper immortal.



The level of household construction is very high, so it is very rare. Since the Qing Dynasty, there have been many wars in China, and the loss of Guangxu Yuanbao made by Hubu is very serious. Up to now, its quantity has been extremely limited, which is rare and extremely precious.



Longwen Guangxu Yuanbao is a unique ancient coin. It represents not only money, but also the economic situation of Guangxu period. It is an important historical material for modern people to study the history of Guangxu period. As a result, many collectors came to find out the dragon pattern Guangxu Yuanbao to meet the needs of economic research in the Qing Dynasty.



Guangxu Yuanbao is a large category of coin collection, which has always been concerned by many collectors. Guangxu Yuanbao of different editions has unique charm and is worthy of deep appreciation by collectors. According to the insiders, the most important factor to determine the value of ancient coins is the amount of money. In the field of antique collection, "rare things are precious" is a constant law, which is applicable to almost any collection.



The obverse of the coin is surrounded by a bead circle, in which "Guangxu Yuanbao" is read directly from top to bottom, right to left. Outside the bead circle, there are "Guangxu Yuanbao" and Manchu characters. The characters in the upper margin are "Hubu" and the characters in the lower margin are "Dangqian 20". On the back of the "Guangxu Yuanbao", there is a picture of flying dragon in the center, hupoo in the upper margin and 20cash in the lower margin; The central "dragon soars", from top to left to right, around a circle, the faucet is set up, the two dragon whiskers are drooping, the bridge of nose is protruding, the two eyes are bright, the dragon pattern is fine, and the fireball is under. Its design is round and convex, with a sense of three-dimensional sculpture. Guangxu Yuanbao bears the social background and cultural characteristics of an era and is deeply influenced by history.






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