Xianfeng (1851-1861) in July for the qing dynasty of China after entering the seventh emperor qing literate admired Wilson of qing imperial house Zhu nianhao, before and after the use of 11 years. The reign of xianfeng coincided with the climax of the taiping rebellion. At this time the people seethe, the qing government in order to prolong life, on the coin casting, the financial crisis to the people.





In a lot of xianfeng big money, should promote xianfeng heavy treasure when ten COINS for the most. The longest casting period, the largest number, the most format, the widest circulation, all in the xianfeng big money to occupy the first place. Since three years of xianfeng, baoquan, yuan, zhi, ji, ji, DE, shan, gong, fu, su, zhejiang, he, wu, baochang, yun, chuan, GUI, qian di, yi, yeerqiang, kuche and other money bureau have cast xianfeng when ten big money, and put into the market and xiaoping money circulation at the same time. In addition to baoan money bureau only see part of the sample money, other money bureau have a large number of different version, different forms, even different materials, different sizes when the value of ten treasure.





The collection value of ancient COINS is determined by the quantity of existence, cultural value and casting technology. A rare treasure treasure "xianfeng heavy treasure when ten". Although the collection has undergone the baptism of the merciless years, but today is still extremely well preserved. Antique treasure "xian feng heavy treasure when ten" reason fame is big because of his historical and rare sex decision. This may coin layout design is elegant, the carving is fine, but, the casting quantity is not much, so the existence is extremely rare, has the extremely high historical value and the academic value.



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