Food stamps are a kind of food purchasing certificate issued by China in a specific economic period from 1950s to 1980s. The earliest types of tickets implemented in China were grain tickets, cooking oil tickets, cloth tickets, etc. As a kind of real securities, food stamps have been used in China for more than 40 years. With the development of society, they have withdrawn from the historical stage and become the new favorite of collectors. Food stamps are the historical products under special economic conditions. They have a wide range of topics and are printed precisely, with the characteristics of time and region. After years of erosion, this kind of irreproducible ticket cultural relics are increasingly rare



[collection name]: military supply grain tickets


[category]: food stamps

最早实行凭票证供应的就是粮食。新中国成立初期,物资极度匮乏,粮食自然无法做到敞开供应。中央政府开始酝酿粮食的计划供应,以满足全国人民的温饱。1953 年,中央政府决定实行粮食统购统销政策,包括粮食计划收购政策,粮食计划供应政策,1955 年8 月25 日,国务院全体会议第17 次会议通过《市镇粮食定量供应凭证印制暂行办法》,紧接着,国家粮食部向全国发布这一暂行办法,很快,各种粮食票证便铺天盖地地进入社会。

Food was the first food to be supplied by ticket. In the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, there was an extreme shortage of goods and materials, so the grain supply could not be opened. The central government began to plan the supply of grain to meet the needs of the whole country. In 1953, the central government decided to implement the policy of unified purchase and marketing of grain, including the policy of planned purchase of grain and the policy of planned supply of grain. On August 25, 1955, the 17th plenary meeting of the State Council adopted the Interim Measures for printing the certificates of quantitative supply of grain in cities and towns. Then, the Ministry of grain issued the interim measures to the whole country. Soon, all kinds of grain certificates were everywhere To enter the society.


Although there are many tickets issued, they still cannot cover all goods. Therefore, in addition to the tickets, there are various kinds of purchase books, such as grain books, non-staple food books, coal books and so on. As for the purchase of industrial products, the state has also issued industrial certificates. When you go to the store to buy the goods you need, you need to pay a certain amount of industrial coupons. Large and valuable goods, as well as bicycle tickets, sewing tickets, watch tickets, etc



After the founding of the people's Republic of China, in 1951, the Ministry of finance of the Central People's Government printed the "military grain support certificate", namely the military grain ticket, which was the earliest military grain ticket after the founding of the people's Republic of China. Since then, from 1957 to 2000, the Ministry of food, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of domestic trade and the State Food Administration have printed and issued military food tickets of different pages. Among them, in 1957 and 1958, the Ministry of grain officially printed and issued the "military grain quota check", which includes flour, rice, coarse grain and horse material, with the denomination of 50jin, 100jin, 1000jin and 5000jin respectively, and the number of the bill, which is the certificate for the army to receive grain and material. In order to facilitate the purchase of food by the paid officers and the army staff, the "military price purchase food ticket" was printed in 1960.



This group of food stamps was printed and issued in 1967. They are supplied by the military and purchased at military price. The value of the tickets is fifty pounds. The upper left corner is the "Ministry of food of the people's Republic of China", and the back is the instructions for the use of food stamps. This group of food stamps are well preserved without any damage. They are well printed and their patterns are clear.







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