布币乃是王莽建立新朝所发行的一系列钱币之一,王莽当政后,为了削弱汉代旧族势力,以及 对百姓的财富掠夺,他以“托古改制”为名进行了一系列的币制改革,其中包括有大布、货布、第布八百、契刀五百、金错刀、大泉五十等等。刀币和布币都在改革中恢复,但从形态上与春秋战国时的并不相同。由於币制复杂混乱,导致民间交易很不顺畅。并且每次改制的钱币大小不断缩小,价却越来越高,实质上剥削了普通民众的财富。币制改革的失败也是新朝迅速灭亡的原因之一。尽管王莽的改革是失败的,但他所发行的一系列钱币却是古钱史上的精品。布币系列多采用悬针篆的字体,制作十分精美。

The distribution of coins is one of a series of coins issued by Wang Mang when he established the new dynasty. In order to weaken the power of the old Han Dynasty and plunder the wealth of the people, Wang Mang carried out a series of currency system reforms under the name of "system reform through ancient times", including Dabu, Huobu, Dibu 800, Qidao 500, jincuodao, Daquan 50, etc. Both Dao coins and cloth coins were recovered in the reform, but their forms were different from those in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. Due to the complexity and chaos of the currency system, private transactions are not smooth. And each time the size of the coins is shrinking, the price is getting higher and higher, which in essence exploits the wealth of ordinary people. The failure of monetary reform is also one of the reasons for the rapid demise of the new dynasty. Although Wang Mang's reform was unsuccessful, a series of coins he issued were the best in the history of ancient money. The series of cloth coins are mostly made of hanging needle and seal characters, which are very exquisite.


Cloth coins, also known as spade cloth because of its shape, evolved from bronze tools, spade tools used to be the medium of folk trade, so the earliest coins were made in spade shape. The original coins kept the shape of tools, with handles, primitive and thick. Later, they gradually became lighter, thinner and smaller. The body of the coins became completely flaky, which was convenient for casting and carrying.



However, from the perspective of archaeological research, money and casting are two kinds of shapes and usages. The original cloth is closer to money (shovel) and different from casting. Some researchers also think that cloth coin was developed from another farming tool Lei, because there are no two teeth, and its shape is close to the two legs of cloth coin. However, Lei is made of wood and added with metal. The shape of metal Lei head is quite different from that of cloth coin. The hollowness of the original cloth and the slightly concave plane of the edge also do not connect with the shape of the Lei, so it is impossible for the original cloth to have no its metal master.



The body of the coin is covered with rust, but it is still in good condition. The arc of the left and right sides of the coin is smaller than that of the cargo cloth, the head of the coin is shorter than that of the large cloth, the shoulder of the coin is also shorter, and the distance between the feet of the coin is shorter, which is the standard form of cloth 800. As long as it is cleaned properly, it can still restore the style of the year, and has great collection and research value.



This collection is Wang Mang's coins, which are complete, clear and exquisite. At present, the investment market of the coins is hot and the market is soaring. It is extremely rare and has great investment value and collection value.







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