Pig's cinnabar, also known as pig cinnabar, is a stone in pig's gall bladder, bile duct, liver tube and other organs. Its shape is like beans or powder. Pig's cinnabar is a precious and scarce Chinese medicine. Its medicinal effect is similar to that of bezoar. It is mainly used for clearing away heat, detoxifying, resolving phlegm and calming nerves.



[collection name]: zhubao


[Specification]: weight: 313.4g


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此枚猪宝重313.4g风干状态90% 药用价值极高,收藏价值极高

This pig weighs 313.4g in air dried state, 90% of which has extremely high medicinal value and collection value


Pig treasure is also called pig sand, which is a kind of material stone of pig gallstone. It has good medicinal effect.



Due to the short growing time and breeding cycle of pigs, the formation and production of pig treasure is very difficult, which is also relatively rare, and the price is not cheap.



Pig treasure needs a long growth cycle to fully mature. The current breeding time is relatively short. Although pig treasure is sometimes found, many of them are immature pig treasure after being identified, which has no medicinal value. Pig treasure's bilirubin must reach 10% before it has value. Of course, some people pay for immature pig treasure as a collection, Price nature and mature pig treasure can't be discussed in the same day.



Pig's sand is a common name for pig gallstones. It was first recorded in Tang Materia Medica as wild boar yellow. It is a stone in the gallbladder of boar, which is spicy, sweet, flat and nontoxic. According to the Research Report of pig sand, pig sand is a kind of rare and scarce Chinese herbal medicine, which takes a long time to form, and the feeding period of pigs is very short, so it is rarely found in pigs, but occasionally seen. The bilirubin content of each unit of this pig sand should be at least 10%










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