Xianfeng heavy treasure is a kind of copper coin. This kind of copper coin is very exquisite. The handwriting is clear and deep. The copper material is fine. It is light red and yellow. The money is exquisite. There is no trace of it. It is slightly larger and heavier than the money circulating in the same edition.



[collection name]: Xianfeng treasure

【规格】:直径:38.53mm 重:17.4g

[Specification]: diameter: 38.53mm weight: 17.4g


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The main casting material of Xianfeng heavy treasure is brass, and there have been coins of iron coin and other materials. In addition, there is a kind of palace coin made of gold, silver, tortoiseshell, white copper and other materials, which is large in shape and thick in body. It is the money for royal celebration. This kind of coin has a very small casting amount and excellent quality, and its price is far beyond that of brass and iron. The official version is made of 75% copper, 20% zinc, 3% tin and other coordination materials. The copper purity of the mother coin is higher.



The categories of xianfengqian are very complicated, only 917 of which are collected in the Museum of Chinese history. At that time, the casting Bureau included: Quan, yuan, Zhi, Ji, Fu, Shan, Chang, he, De, Jin, Yun, Dong, Wu, GUI, Zhe, Ji, Tai, Su, Gong, Chuan, Qian, Nan, Guang, Yi Li, di Hua, ye erqiang, Kuqa, Aksu, etc. It has been handed down that carving mother, detailed drawing, Xiaoping money, Baofu Bureau's calculation of value and weight are rare, and Baodi Bureau's "dang80" in Xinjiang is precious


咸丰年间正值太平天国革命运动的高潮时期。此时民怨沸腾,清政府财政拮据,国库亏空.在钱币铸造上大做文章,将财政危机转嫁到老百姓身上。相继铸造“咸丰通宝”、“咸丰重宝”、“咸丰元宝”等种类繁多的钱币.咸丰元年首铸“咸丰通宝”制钱。由于太平天国革命运动的发生,和鸦片战争的爆发.钱局铸造制钱已很难正常进行,很多省的钱局实际上处于停铸状态,即使开铸,也是偷工减料 。因而造成咸丰通宝制钱精品少 ,而粗制滥造的多,大都质劣而轻小,或以铁钱、铅钱代替铜钱。咸丰元年时,规定钱重一钱二分,到咸丰二年,变为一钱,但各铸行所铸造的制钱大多轻于规定重量。“咸丰通宝”面文大多书写楷书,背文满文局名有:宝源、宝泉、宝河、宝德、宝东、宝伊、宝济、宝晋、宝陕、宝巩、宝苏、宝浙、宝昌、宝福、宝台、宝武、宝南、宝广、宝桂、宝川、宝云 阿克苏、宝黔等二十四个钱局。其中宝台、宝德、宝广、阿克苏等局数量极少。

Xianfeng Period was the climax of Taiping Revolution. At this time, the people complained bitterly, the Qing government was short of money, and the Treasury was in deficit. They made great efforts to cast coins and transferred the financial crisis to the people. In the first year of Xianfeng reign, "Xianfeng Tongbao" was first cast to make money. Because of the revolutionary movement of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the Opium War, it is difficult for money bureaus to make money normally. In fact, money bureaus in many provinces are in the state of stopping casting, even if they start casting, they are also cutting corners. As a result, Xianfeng Tongbao has few high-quality products for making money, but many of them are poorly made. Most of them are of poor quality and light weight, or iron money and lead money are used instead of copper money. In the first year of Xianfeng, it was stipulated that the money was one yuan and two Fen heavy. In the second year of Xianfeng, it was one yuan, but most of the money made by each casting line was lighter than the stipulated weight. "Xianfeng Tongbao" is mostly written in regular script, with the names of Baoyuan, Baoquan, Baohe, Baode, Baodong, Baoyi, Baoji, Baojin, Baoshan, Baogong, Baosu, baozhe, Baochang, Baofu, Baotai, Baowu, Baonan, Baoguang, Baogui, Baochuan, Baoyun Aksu, Baoqian and other 24 money bureaus. The number of Baotai, Baode, Baoguang, Aksu and other bureaus is very small.



Xianfeng treasure has always been regarded as priceless by collectors. The time for regional regime to issue currency is also quite short. In addition, the circulation area is narrow, so the currency value is not poor. In addition, due to the change of bank notes, the issuance of copper coins is less, so the price is also higher.











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