In July 1903, the Qing Dynasty drew up ten articles of articles of Association for rectifying the circular law, in which it was proposed that silver coins should be made exclusively by the general mint and four bureaus, namely Nanyang (Jiangnan), Beiyang, Guangdong and Hubei, should be kept as branch factories. At the same time of making silver dollar, many people put forward the idea of making gold coin. In the 20th century, there was a discussion about the establishment of the standard system. Some people advocated that China should implement the gold standard system. In the case of insufficient gold reserves, the gold exchange standard system (also known as the "virtual gold standard system") could be implemented first. The silver coins of the three years of Xuantong in the Qing Dynasty are the product of the reform of the currency system in the late Qing Dynasty. They are of various types, novel designs, and well made, and have been treasured by coin lovers.



[collection name]: silver coin of the three years of Xuantong, quxulongwuyuan


Class: Coins


Quxulong - middle dragon of Qing Dynasty. It's named for its short and curved beard. It's lifted against the long beard dragon. The silver coins of the Qing Dynasty in the third year of Xuantong began to be minted in 1911, and many types of silver coins were minted. However, due to various reasons, only the silver coins of the three years of Xuantong in the "quxulong" version were officially minted and circulated, and the other types belonged to the trial minted sample coins, which had not been used in circulation. Therefore, the silver coins of the three years of Xuantong in the Qing Dynasty seen by the people were not many types of "quxulong".


This is a piece of "quxulong, a silver coin of the Qing Dynasty in the three years of Xuantong", with straight teeth, natural coating and good preservation. On the front of the coin, there are four characters of "Qing Dynasty silver coin" in Chinese in the Pearl circle, and the characters of "three years of Xuantong" in Manchu and Chinese outside the Pearl circle. There are long chrysanthemum patterns on the left and right sides.




The word "Wu Yuan" on the back is in the middle, with the dragon flying in the air on the periphery. From the top to the left and right, it circles around for a week. Seven tail whiskers are upward, the faucet is on, two long whiskers are curved, the bridge of the nose is protruding, two eyes are bright, the dragon pattern is fine, the fireball is under, and the bottom edge is "Wu Yuan" in English.




Wu Yuan is one of the ten famous coins in modern China. It is well-known in the field of coin collection and has always been the favorite choice for Chinese silver coin collection. The collection is well preserved, with regular opening and exquisite appearance. It is a fine collection of ancient coins, which is worth collecting.







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