The earliest mechanism of Chinese foreign type silver dollar was "Guangxu Yuanbao" in Guangxu period, commonly known as "Longyang", which was named after the dragon pattern on the back of silver dollar. Since the Qing Dynasty, there have been many wars, and the loss of Guangxu Yuanbao in Longwen county is very serious. Longwen Guangxu Yuanbao, which is very unique, represents not only money, but also the economic situation of Guangxu period. For this reason, many collectors came to find out the Guangxu Yuanbao with dragon pattern in this period, so as to meet the needs of economic research in the Qing Dynasty.



[collection name]: Yuanbao, zaoguangxu, Yunnan Province


Class: Coins


At the end of Guangxu's reign, Yunnan Province was allowed to set up a factory at the old site of Baoyun Bureau in Kunming. Sichuan technicians were recruited and coined with German imported machines according to the ancestral model of Tianjin's household at that time. After the establishment of Yunnan silver dollar Bureau in 1907, it was renamed Yunnan mint to produce "Guangxu Yuanbao" silver coins of new and old versions. The old version has the best color, so the credit is good. The new version needs to be used in a compromise.



This piece of Guangxu Yuanbao is made in Yunnan Province, with three coins and six cents in regular script on the front, four characters in Kaiti on the top, and a coin value of three coins and six cents in Kuping on the bottom. In the center, the four characters in Guangxu Yuanbao are read directly. In the center of the coin, there is a Manchu character in Guangxu Yuanbao. On both sides of the outer ring, there is a hexagon pattern decoration. In the middle of the back, there is a picture of Panlong. The upper and lower edges are surrounded by English, left and right One star for each. The eyes of the dragon are vivid and bright. The Dragon scales are carved in a fine and delicate way. They soar through the clouds and fog. They are strong and powerful, and their claws are widely displayed. They are of great ornamental value.

古钱币是一个国家历史中组成的重要部分,就其特定的历史时期在钱币史上占据着重要的地位,它不仅代表着近代中国的货币学问,反映了我国近代历史、经 济、金融的兴衰和沧桑,具有很高的艺术观赏价值和文物价值。而且材质珍贵,艺术价值高,由贵重金属或白银合金铸造,制作精美,图案考究,文字清秀,内容丰富,银光灿烂,其貌可人,也具有一定的保值和升值功能。

Ancient money is an important part of a country's history. It occupies an important position in the history of money in terms of its specific historical period. It not only represents the currency culture of modern China, but also reflects the rise and fall and vicissitudes of modern history, economy and finance of our country. It has high artistic and cultural value. Moreover, the material is precious and the artistic value is high. It is made of precious metal or silver alloy. It is exquisitely made, with exquisite design, beautiful writing, rich content, brilliant silver and charming appearance. It also has a certain function of preserving and appreciating value.






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