Iron meteorites are interstellar debris in the solar system for 4.6 billion years. They contain several minerals. Their "age" should be more than 4.6 billion years, the same as that of the earth. The research value, economic value and cultural value of the market rule that the rare is the most valuable evidence are immeasurable.



Meteorites, known as "tianwaishi", are precious. Some people like to collect them. In recent years, there has been an upsurge of meteorite collection in China. In the past three or four years, not only the quotation of meteorites has soared, but also the domestic market of meteorite collection has gradually taken shape. Four or five years ago, the economic value of meteorites was unknown. "No one knows, no body stickers, no questions, no attention". Xu Shutao, a famous meteorite collector in Shandong Province, described the market of meteorite collection several years ago to reporters in this sentence. It is known that in the 1990s, only about 200 people entered the meteorite business in the world, and now more than one million people have joined in the business. With the increasing expansion of the meteorite collection circle, and the number of meteorites in the world, the price of meteorites in the world has risen from a few dollars per pound to a huge number comparable to diamonds.


This group of iron meteorites has a great attraction to the iron absorbers. Even after the baptism of infinite years, they are still very well preserved. The products are exquisite and rare. It is an excellent collection of iron meteorites with extraordinary value and great value. It integrates scientific research value and investment collection value.


Rare things are precious. Although the formation of iron meteorites is a natural phenomenon, few of them are found or collected when they land on the earth every year, many of them are unknown, let alone collected and collected. In addition, researchers can learn more about the early universe through the study of iron meteorites, which is of great value and is a must for some developed countries.








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