"Dazheng" is the year used during the reign of the 123rd generation of Mikado in Japan. It is the 245th year of Japan. The service time is from July 30, 1912 to December 25, 1926, totaling 15 years. This year number has been selected as a candidate four times in the past, and was adopted during the Meiji reform.



Japanese trade silver dollar is one of the most common varieties of foreign silver dollars flowing into China in modern times. Because of its unique pattern, generally speaking, the silver coins in Japan's early years have a very small amount of existence, so the development and appreciation space is very large. What's more, as a witness of Japanese currency culture, it fully reflects the change of Japanese economy, history and culture at that time, which increases its high value of historical relics and art appreciation. It is a rare and valuable foreign silver dollar.



[collection name]: ten yuan in the 14th year of Dazheng, Japan


Class: Coins

此藏品为大日本大正十四年发行的十钱硬币,材质为铜镍合金,正面有日本皇室徽记和菊花,背面为国名和发行年号。钱币工艺精湛,雕工完美,浮雕感强烈的品种,镜面平整光滑,纹饰的相惯线,显得非常清,为不可多得的收藏佳品。 目前钱币的投资市场火热,行情大涨,极为罕见、有巨大的投资价值、及收藏价值。

This collection is a ten coin coin issued in the fourteenth year of Dazheng, Japan. It is made of copper nickel alloy, with Japanese royal emblem and chrysanthemum on the front and national name and issue year on the back. The coins are exquisite in craftsmanship, perfect in carving and strong in relief. The mirror surface is smooth and smooth, and the lines of patterns are very clear, which is a rare collection. At present, the investment market of coins is hot and the market is soaring, which is extremely rare and has great investment value and collection value.



Although this Japanese Dragon coin has gone through years, its lines are still clearly visible, and its material is precious, and its artistic value is high. It is made of precious metal or silver alloy, and it is exquisite in production, exquisite in design, beautiful in writing, rich in content, brilliant in silver, and its appearance is lovely, and it also has a certain function of preservation and appreciation. Because of its long history and rarity, it has been greatly sought after in recent years in China. Its collection value is extremely high. As a foreign silver coin, its collection value is even higher.






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