Notes of the republic of China were issued after the revolution of 1911, which witnessed the development of Chinese society and the modernization of Chinese COINS. After the revolution of 1911, the bank was renamed the people's bank of China and, along with the bank of communications, assumed the role of a central bank. It was not until 1949, when the People's Republic of China was founded, that the republic of China bond officially retired from the stage of history. With the issuance of the first set of RMB in the new China, the banknotes of the republic of China were almost completely withdrawn and destroyed, making their existence very rare. The issue of banknotes in the republic of China eliminated all kinds of currency issued by the kuomintang government, ended decades of inflation under the rule of the kuomintang, and the nearly 100-year history of foreign currency, gold and silver COINS circulating in the market in China, promoted the overall victory of the people's war of liberation, and played an important role in the early period of economic recovery after the founding of the People's Republic of China. Bills of the republic of China are highly collectible today.





Collection name: The central bank of the republic of China




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