Five emperors' money generally refers to "Five Emperors' money in Qing Dynasty", which was forged during the reign of the five most prosperous emperors in Qing Dynasty (Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong and Jiaqing). These five emperors successively reigned for 180 years, which was the most glorious period of the Qing Dynasty. During their reign, the country was strong and prosperous, and the famous "KangQian prosperous age" appeared in history.



[collection name]: Five Emperors' Coins


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Ancient Chinese people have been using ancient coins to exorcise evil spirits. According to history, Fang Kong Tongbao's money is not limited to its size. It's hung around the neck with red lines. It's collected by thousands of people and gathered the Yang of hundreds of families. It can resist the evil spirits.



The five emperors' money has the functions of blocking evil spirits, preventing villains, avoiding evil spirits, flourishing wealth and praying for blessings. Since ancient times, Chinese people have the custom of wearing coins to prevent evil spirits, villains, evil spirits, wealth and blessing. Five emperors' money is the most prosperous coin made by five emperors in the Chinese nation. Therefore, five emperors' money gathers the spirit of heaven, earth and people and the wealth of hundreds of circulation. Therefore, it can calm the house and change the evil spirit. It also has the function of prosperous wealth. It can also strengthen the confidence of the owner and resolve the defects of six gods without a master.


Five emperors' money has all the functions of ancient money, such as avoiding disaster, blessing and praying. But compared with the ordinary ancient money, they gather the spirit of the Chinese land, the spirit of the Chinese nation, the spirit of the son of God, and the spirit of inheriting hundreds of families.



This set of five emperors' coins is a set of five pieces, including Kangxi Tongbao, Yongzheng Tongbao, Shunzhi Tongbao, Jiaqing Tongbao and Qianlong Tongbao. The five coins are all made of brass. They are finely cast, regular in shape, delicate in appearance, clear in text, round in paste, bright in color and even in color. The authentic coins are undoubtedly of great artistic appreciation and collection value. After years of baptism, the collection can still be preserved completely, which is really not easy, especially the five coins are well preserved, which is even more rare, very valuable and has a better collection significance. The five emperors' coins were originally used in the Qing Dynasty, but due to a series of historical reasons, the five emperors' coins were sharply reduced. At present, the number of coins in existence is very rare







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