In 1644, the Qing army entered the pass, and aixinjuelu Fulin came to Beijing. In order to stabilize the chaotic situation of circulation and coinage, on the one hand, the old money of Ming Dynasty should be used selectively, and on the other hand, the central money bureau should be set up in Beijing to start casting "Shun Ye Tong Bao" money. The weight of the new money is set at one yuan to exchange with Mingqian. This measure gradually unified the form of circulating money and laid a good foundation for the recovery of the national economy. However, as the Qing government just entered the customs, the implementation of Shunzhi Tongbao coin was not smooth sailing. It has experienced five important reforms, and finally completed the process of establishing the Qing coinage system out of the Ming Dynasty. Five times of currency reform resulted in five forms of Shunzhi Tongbao money, which is known as the five forms of Shunzhi. Each form of Shunzhi Tongbao has its own system and is related to each other, providing our later collectors and researchers with colorful and interesting material.



[collection name]: Shunzhi Tongbao


Class: Coins

顺治通宝为清代钱币,铸于世祖顺治年间(1644年~1661年)。顺治通宝是清代入关后正式铸行的第一种制钱,面文“顺治通宝”,钱文宋体、均为对读;多为黄铜质,有极少数为青铜;钱体趋于扁平,钱缘宽阔。顺治通宝主要为小平钱,少数折二、折十大钱,按背文变化和铸行阶段可分为五式。早期顺治钱保留了明代制钱工艺,使其版式具有明显的明代钱币特征,而后期彻底从明代制钱体系中脱离出来,建立了独有的清代制钱风格。 “顺治五式”在明清钱币演化中起到了承前启后的作用。

Tongbao in Shunzhi is a coin of the Qing Dynasty, which was coined in the reign of emperor Shunzhi (1644-1661). Shunzhi Tongbao is the first kind of money making officially cast after the Qing Dynasty entered the customs. The inscription "Shunzhi Tongbao" on the face is in song style, both of which are counter reading. Most of them are made of brass, and a few of them are made of bronze. The style of money tends to be flat, and the margin of money is wide. Shunzhi Tongbao mainly consists of Xiaoping coins, a few of which are converted into two or ten large coins. According to the changes of back writing and the casting stage, it can be divided into five types. In the early period, Shunzhi coin retained the technique of making money in Ming Dynasty, which made its format have obvious characteristics of Ming Dynasty coins. In the later period, Shunzhi coin was completely separated from the system of making money in Ming Dynasty and established its unique style of making money in Qing Dynasty. "Shunzhi five styles" played a connecting role in the evolution of Ming and Qing coins.


The collection is Tongbao of Shunzhi. This coin is complete in appearance, natural in wrapping, clear in font and side teeth, and less worn. The coin is made of copper. It has a good collection value. This coin is a rare one. The collection is well preserved and its color is natural. Both the characters are natural, delicate and appropriate in depth. Nowadays, this kind of copper coin is relatively rare and has a certain value of investment and collection.






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