Since ancient times, a lot of silver coins have spread in China. Yuan Datou of the Republic of China began to issue in 1914. Its main material is silver. The obverse pattern of the silver coin is the face of Yuan Shikai wearing a military uniform on the left. The main reverse pattern of the silver coin is composed of two rice ears. Yuan Datou silver coin has always been an important currency in the currency system reform of modern China. It is also the current collection The most popular variety of silver dollar in Tibet is regarded as "the treasure of silver dollar".



[collection name]: yuan Datou in the three years of the Republic of China


Class: Coins

此藏品名称为民国三年袁大头,此枚钱币整体上看来不管是品相还是包浆都非常具有年代感 ,该钱币为民间留存下来的历史真币。钱币的正面铸有袁世凯的侧身头像,顶部刻制着“中华民国三年”几个清晰而又显眼的楷体字体,足以说明钱币产生的年代以及当时国家的统治阶层。反面的图案则是一对对称的弯曲麦芒,中间刻有“壹圆”两个字作为计量单位。币面整体设计和谐,图案精美,工艺技术特别精益求精。近几年钱币市场也是逐渐上升,这枚银币有着非常高的升值潜力和收藏价值!

The name of this collection is yuan Datou in the third year of the Republic of China. It seems that this coin has a strong sense of chronology, both in appearance and in wrapping. It is a historical real coin preserved by the people. On the obverse, Yuan Shikai's side head is engraved, and on the top, there are several clear and conspicuous regular script characters of "three years of the Republic of China". The pattern on the reverse side is a pair of symmetrical curved wheat awns, with the words "one circle" engraved in the middle as the measurement unit. The overall design of coin face is harmonious, the design is exquisite, and the technology is particularly refined. In recent years, the money market is also gradually rising, this silver coin has a very high appreciation potential and collection value!


"Yuan Datou" is a common name for the silver coin with Yuan Shikai's profile head engraved in the early years of the Republic of China. Because it was first cast in the third year of the Republic of China, it is also known as "people three", which has a long history. As the leader of the warlord silver coins in the Republic of China, "big head" series is not new to coin collectors. The birth of "yuan Datou" silver dollar is also the inevitable result of the development of silver dollar. After the 1911 Revolution, Yuan Shikai issued silver coins in order to solve the problem of military expenditure and improve his political status, which was named after his side image.



"Yuan Datou" represents China's modern currency culture, reflects the rise and fall of China's modern history, economy, finance and vicissitudes. It has a high artistic value and cultural relics value, and has a certain function of preserving and appreciating value. Especially in recent years, with the continuous warming of collection investment and the stimulation of the international gold and silver level, the "three years of the Republic of China yuan Dadou" is becoming more and more popular, and the price is rising all the way. The vast majority of insiders believe that "three years yuan Dadou" is a "black horse" in the silver dollar collection, with high appreciation potential.








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