Zhu Yizong of the Ming Dynasty was first cast in the first year of Chongzhen (1628-1644). In December of the seventh year of Tianqi, two departments of household industry entered Chongzhen's new money style. The emperor ordered each article to be worth one yuan and three cents, so as to make the treasure colorful and not publish the words of household industry. Qian Wen is a true book. The word "Tong" in Tongbao can be divided into single point and double point. There are four kinds of money: Xiao Ping, dang'er, dang'er, dang'er and dang'er. The average diameter of Xiaoping coin is 2.2-2.6cm (the maximum measured diameter is 2.6cm), which weighs about 3-6g; when the diameter of two coins is 2.7cm, which weighs 3.7g; when the diameter of five coins is 3.3cm, which weighs 6.2g, the weight of Nandu coin is lighter.



[collection name]: Chongzhen Tongbao


Class: Coins


Chongzhen Tongbao coin is the first peak of coinage in the history of China's currency. However, it has many types and complicated types, especially its complicated words and meanings, which are still difficult to identify.


其间的轻重没有什么规律。钱文"崇祯通宝"四字,以楷书书写,从上而下而右而左直读。钱背有星月,也有的有奔马图形,俗称"跑马崇祯"。另外有一种背文为满文的"宝泉"二字,据说为清兵入关时所铸,也有人怀疑可能是民间私铸钱。小平、折二、折五钱背文繁杂混乱,有记重、记天干、记局、记地、记局兼记值、吉语钱等,名目繁多,举不胜举,其中以光背及记地平钱为最多。传世当十大钱光背无文,若见有文者,必为伪作。另外崇祯通宝还有合背钱。 崇祯通宝,明毅宗朱由检崇祯元年(1628-1644年)始铸。崇祯钱以阔缘钱式为主,品种更为复杂.面文书体版式各异,背纹更是纷杂混乱.文字有神,气色和老旧感自然,包浆老道温润,传世美品.具有一定的收藏价值和历史价值。

There is no rule about the weight. Qian Wen's four characters "Chongzhen Tongbao" are written in regular script and read directly from top to bottom, right and left. There are stars and moons on the back of money, as well as galloping horse figures, commonly known as "galloping horse Chongzhen". In addition, there is a word "Baoquan" with Manchu as its back writing, which is said to have been cast by the Qing soldiers when they entered the customs. Some people suspect that it may have been privately made by the people. Xiao ping's, 20% and 5% coins are complicated and disorderly. They have many names, such as memorizing the heavy, the heavenly stem, the Bureau, the land, the Bureau and the value, and the auspicious language money. There are numerous and numerous examples, among which the most are the light back and the plain money. When the ten great coins are handed down, they should have nothing on their backs. If they see any, they will be fakes. In addition, Chongzhen Tongbao has Hebei money. Chongzhen Tongbao and Yizong Zhu of Ming Dynasty were first cast in the first year of Chongzhen (1628-1644). Chongzhen money is mainly of broad margin type, with more complicated varieties. There are different typography and back lines. The characters are vivid, natural in appearance and sense of aging. The Baojiang old way is warm and moist, and handed down beautiful products. It has certain collection value and historical value.









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