他是中国书画界在群众中影响最大、最富有传奇色彩的人物之一。被誉为“行草大家”、“丹青妙手”。他不但诗书画印样样精通,还能编、能演、能唱,堪称杂家,人们不能不叹其为天之骄子,鬼之精灵,当代怪杰,誉他为“八荒一家”。 他就是我国当代著名书法名家吴三大先生。

He is one of the most influential and legendary figures in the Chinese painting and calligraphy circle. It is known as "a great master of grass" and "a brilliant young hand". He is not only proficient in poetry, painting and printing, but also in editing, acting and singing. He is called a miscellaneous family. People can't help but praise him as the proud son of heaven, the spirit of ghosts, and the modern geek. He is known as the "eight wild family". He is Mr. Wu Sanda, a famous contemporary calligrapher in China.



Mr. Wu Sanda was born in a family of calligraphers. He was imbued with the spirit of brush and ink, copied from hundreds of calligraphers, sought knowledge from classics, history and calligraphy. He concentrated on calligraphy, asked famous teachers, worked hard for half his life, and finally became a school of his own.


Mr. Wu's calligraphy works have been spread by many news media successively, holding individual calligraphy and painting exhibitions in Xi'an, Henan, Xuzhou, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places; visiting Japan, Britain, the United States, France and other countries and holding individual calligraphy exhibitions, where they went, they are highly praised. Due to Mr. Wu's special achievements in Chinese painting and calligraphy, he was awarded the titles of "national level expert with outstanding contributions" and "national level artist" by the State Council.


Mr. Wu Sanda once served as the director of China Calligrapher Association and vice chairman of Shaanxi Calligrapher Association. Now he is the president of Shaanxi calligraphy and painting art training college and a member of Shaanxi culture and history museum. He is wearing brown Huaiyu, and has a broad mind. He has been independent for decades, but he is also friendly to the public, highly ancient, devoted to art, and does not go with the tide.



In today's Chinese book world, Mr. Wu is one of the rare heavyweights with unique creative spirit. People who are familiar with his calligraphy are all infected by his art. His work for others and his artistic achievements have become the model of young scholars.



Jia Pingwa, vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, once highly praised Wu's three great characters: "chivalrous, not dignified, not frivolous, soft strokes, soft fingers of Longquan sword, random structure like pine roots on the cliff, but at random, it agglomerates the hardness and stubbornness of the earth breaking stone. Hang Zhong Kui like a ghost, hang three characters to increase courage. "



In today's materialistic, weightless people, art and personality have been grafted alienation era, noisy and impetuous painting circle has not put a few quiet desks. However, Mr. Wu San Da, with his outstanding artistic mood, is unique in hunting. He adheres to the cultural tradition and traditional culture and becomes the object of admiration of all people with artistic conscience.








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