The ten articles of coinage in the Qing Dynasty are one of the ten reputations of the modern Chinese machine-made coins. The reason for their popularity is due to their historicity and rarity. As we all know, the collection value of ancient coins is determined by stock, cultural value and casting technology. "Daqing Copper Coin" was cast by 20 provincial bureaus when ten copper coins were made. Except for the founders of the central household, the copper circles cast by the local provinces are engraved in the central front with the abbreviations of Yinwen or Yangwen provinces. There are: central household; Zhi; Ji; Feng; Bian; Hubei; Hunan; Sichuan; Yunnan; Yunnan; Sichuan; Yunnan; Sichuan; Yunnan; Sichuan; Gansu; Fujian; Guangdong; Zhejiang; Jiangsu; Huaihe; Anhui; East; Ning. Among them, Ji is the least, Sichuan-Yunnan and Yunnan are the second, and Yunnan, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Dongzi are the second.



[name of collection]: ten documents on making money with Ezi Dang in the household Department of copper coins in the Qing Dynasty


Class: Coins


There are many types of copper coins in the Qing Dynasty, especially the ten. Many Emperors of Qing Dynasty issued copper coins as currency when they were in power. The use of copper coins has important practical and historical significance, which gradually facilitates the transaction. Mr. Liu Yiqian, a well-known collector, once said: Copper coins of the Qing Dynasty, like this kind of coin, have always been the dream of large collectors. For this collection with great collection value, the collection is fate and fortune. In China, Tibetans like the coin very much, because the Chinese nation is the descendant of the dragon. For thousands of years, dragon has penetrated all aspects of Chinese society and become a cultural cohesion and accumulation. The dragon has become a symbol of China, the Chinese nation and Chinese culture. According to folklore, the dragon on the back of the "Great Qing Copper coin" can increase a person's luck and make him always seek good luck and avoid bad luck under the protection of the Dragon spirit, so this kind of coin has always been loved by collectors.

此枚大清铜币户部当制钱十文“鄂字版”。钱面中央有“大清铜币”四个汉字,内嵌一小字代表地名“鄂”,上端是满文“大清铜币”字样,两侧为年份。边缘中间分别“户部”二汉字,下端为“当制钱十文”。钱背中央为蟠龙,上端是“光绪年造”,下端英文“Tai-Ching Ti-Kuo Coper Coin”字样(大清帝国铜币)。整体无论文字和纹饰,皆十分精到,凸凹鲜明,文字笔划和纹饰线条圆滚,显示模具冲压着力深打。此组藏品雕刻精良,版面设计优雅,且存世量极为稀少,极具收藏价值。

This Qing Dynasty copper coin should be made in ten characters of "e character plate". There are four Chinese characters of "Qing Dynasty copper coin" in the center of Qian Mian. A small character is embedded to represent the place name "e". At the top is the Manchu character of "Qing Dynasty copper coin", with the year on both sides. In the middle of the edge, there are two Chinese characters "Hubu", and in the lower end, there are ten characters "Dangqian". The central part of Qian Bei is a pan dragon, the upper part is made in the year of Guangxu, and the lower part is Tai Ching Ti Kuo copper coin. As a whole, no matter the characters and patterns, they are very sophisticated, with distinct convex and concave. The strokes and lines of the characters and patterns are round, which shows that the die stamping force is deep. This collection is well carved, elegant in layout, and rare in existence, with great collection value.






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