【名称】 清乾隆龙凤纹聚宝盆

【规格】 重:5.35kg直径:38cm

【类别】 瓷器










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[Name] Qing Dynasty Qianlong Dragon and Phoenix Pattern Cornucopia

[Specification] Weight: 5.35kg Diameter: 38cm

[Category] Porcelain




The cornucopia is a treasure of God of Wealth, which can attract wealth and gather wealth, so it also derives a series of related Jerry cultural superb products. It can be placed on the financial position in the house or on the god's case and in a bright place. Put modern coins or gold bars or bricks (brass) can be placed in the basin, which has a strong role in promoting wealth. Or put it in the house can not only recruit wealth and keep wealth, but also the town house tends to be evil, to ensure peace.

The dragon and phoenix cornucopia, the dragon is an eternal theme on Chinese ancient kiln porcelain. In the feudal era, the dragon was a symbol of heaven. It represents the emperor invisibly, and even in the era of severe hierarchy, even the Minister of the Prince was discouraged by the five-clawed dragon. Four claws are pythons and five claws are dragons. Only the royal can use a five-clawed dragon. The dragon pattern of the Qing Dynasty is a qiyuxuanang, with a plump back and a strong body, which shocked the world with its behemoth. The bottom section "Qianlong Year System" is the official style of Jingdezhen official kiln porcelain during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty.

The high-relief cornucopia with silver enamel of porcelain tyre has the beautiful implication of promoting wealth and wealth since ancient times. The collection is bright and smooth, the paste is smooth, and the gloom is calm, revealing a trace of gentle years. This cornucopia is a porcelain tyre, using bronze colored silver glaze, silver on the outer wall, smooth and silver-like, dignified and elegant, thick body, using carved porcelain crafts, high relief sculpture, delicate dragon and phoenix ornamentation, lifelike expression, dragon and phoenix Xiang. The center of the basin is carved with dragons and phoenixes, and around it are engraved with the words "Rijinjindoujin", "Bafanglaicai" and "Zhaocaijinbao". The picture is vivid and implies auspicious meaning. A four-character version of the "Qianlong Year System" is placed on the bottom, surrounded by dragons and phoenixes. The dragons and phoenixes are lifelike and have great artistic ornamental value, which is worth collecting.



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