此枚云南省造半圆银币库平三钱六分为不可多得之收藏重品,直径是34毫米,重13克,1907年(光绪三十三年),铸造了纪重七钱二分、三钱六分和一钱八分等版别的银币(俗称老版云南)。 1911年(宣统三年),铸造了一批减成色的新版“光绪元宝”(俗称新版云南)。云南省造半圆银币正面上方为“云南省造”,珠圈为“半圆银币”字样,背面为中华民国二十一年双旗币,包浆老旧,字迹清晰,边齿完整,整体品相完好,极具收藏价值。

This silver coin with a diameter of 34 mm and a weight of 13 grams was made in 1907 (Guangxu 33), and other silver coins (commonly known as the old version of Yunnan) of jichong 7-qian-2-fen, sanqian-6-fen and yiqian-8-fen were forged. In 1911 (the third year of Xuantong), a batch of new versions of "Guangxu Yuanbao" (commonly known as the new version of Yunnan) were cast. Half round silver coins made in Yunnan Province are "made in Yunnan Province" on the obverse and "half round silver coins" on the Pearl circle, and Double Flag coins made in the 21st year of the Republic of China on the reverse. They are old-fashioned in paste, clear in writing, complete in teeth, intact in overall appearance and of great collection value,



[collection name]: half round silver coins

【规格】:直径:33.27mm 重:13g

[Specification]: diameter: 33.27mm weight: 13g


[transaction method]: Auction


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光绪元宝种类繁多,不同的光绪元宝都有各自不同的韵味。当时共有十九个省局铸造。计有:1户部;2北洋; 3吉林;4奉天; 5清江;6浙江;7江南;8广东; 9山东; 10福建;11湖南;12湖北;13四川; 14江西;15河南; 16江苏; 17安徽; 18云南; 19新疆; 20黑龙江。

There are many kinds of Guangxu Yuanbao, different Guangxu Yuanbao have different charm. At that time, there were 19 provinces. There are: 1 household; 2 Beiyang; 3 Jilin; 4 Fengtian; 5 Qingjiang; 6 Zhejiang; 7 Jiangnan; 8 Guangdong; 9 Shandong; 10 Fujian; 11 Hunan; 12 Hubei; 13 Sichuan; 14 Jiangxi; 15 Henan; 16 Jiangsu; 17 Anhui; 18 Yunnan; 19 Xinjiang; 20 Heilongjiang.


其中云南因不同于江南等沿海城市,经济繁盛,所以云南省造光绪元宝铸造较少。云南,中华人民共和国省级行政区,简称云( 滇),省会昆明。1907年建成云南银元局后又改名云南造币厂,生产“光绪元宝”新旧两类版别的银币。

Because Yunnan is different from other coastal cities such as Jiangnan and has a prosperous economy, there are few Guangxu Yuanbao castings in Yunnan Province. Yunnan, the provincial administrative region of the people's Republic of China, is referred to as Yun (Yunnan), the capital of Kunming. After the establishment of Yunnan silver dollar Bureau in 1907, it was renamed Yunnan mint to produce "Guangxu Yuanbao" silver coins of new and old versions.



The semicircle silver coin made in Yunnan is different from that of the whole country. It has been used as the main currency for half a century, and has a wide range of use and great influence. It plays an extremely important role in the modern economic and monetary and financial history of Yunnan. The layout design of coins is exquisite and elegant, and the amount of coins is extremely rare. It is a kind of excellent collection, with great popularity, and has immeasurable academic historical value and collection value.










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