[name of collection]: 72% of Guangxu Yuanbao Kuping, Guangdong Province


Collection category: Coins


[collection quantity]: one piece


广东省造光绪元宝库平七分二厘,成色均匀,形制规整,质地精良,十分精美。钱币正面珠圈内铸“光绪元宝”四字,钱币正中心的是“满文”珠圈外上环“广东省造”,下环“库平七分二厘”。字体端庄工整,挺拔俊秀,笔法流畅,十分俊美。钱币背面中心为蟠龙图案,神龙腾飞图腾,龙纹霸气侧漏,神武有力,豪气万千,尽显大清王朝至高无上的权威与尊严;上环英文书:KWANG-TUNG PROVINCE(广东省造),下环英文:7.2CANDAREENS(七分二厘),左右各铸十字星,小巧精美。小钱币,大乾坤,从钱币上亦可管窥社会学问一斑。钱币背面上可见英文字样,由此可知在清代年间,大家国家就与国际语言学问方面接轨,对外交流源远流长,历史悠久。

[introduction to collection]: coin collection plays an important role in the whole collection, especially the famous varieties like Guangxu Yuanbao, which has always been the focus of collectors. It is made of precious metal or silver alloy, with exquisite design, elegant writing, rich content, brilliant silver, lovely appearance and great collection value.Guangxu Yuanbao, made in Guangdong Province, is 7.2% flat. It has uniform quality, regular shape, fine texture and is very exquisite. On the front of the coin, the four characters of "Guangxu Yuanbao" are cast in the bead circle. In the center of the coin is the "Manchu" bead circle, with the outer ring of "made in Guangdong Province" and the lower ring of "Kuping Qifen Erli". The font is dignified and neat, straight and handsome, and the style of writing is fluent and very beautiful. On the back of the coin, there is a dragon pattern in the center, with the Dragon take-off totem. The dragon pattern is powerful and heroic, showing the supreme authority and dignity of the Qing Dynasty; Shanghuan English book: Kwang-tung province (made in Guangdong Province), Xiahuan English book: 7.2candarens (72%). The left and right sides of each casting cross star are small and exquisite. Small coin, big universe, from the coin can also be a glimpse of social culture. English words can be seen on the back of the coin. It can be seen that during the Qing Dynasty, our country was in line with the international language and culture, and had a long history of foreign exchanges.



Guangxu Yuanbao is a unique currency in Guangxu period of Qing Dynasty. In 1890, according to the system of Qing government, the mints of Guangdong provincial money Bureau changed the weight of "made in Guangdong Province" and "Kuping" to the front in Chinese, and the third edition of "Guangxu Yuanbao" was widely cast. In 1890, the coins were cast and circulated in three grades, namely, seven coins and two cents (one yuan), one coin and four cents and four cents (two jiao) and seven cents and two cents (one jiao), It is mainly minted by the general Mint in Tianjin, with four branches in Beiyang, Nanyang (Jiangnan), Hubei and Guangdong. The value of Guangxu Yuanbao, minted by Guangdong mint, is 7.2%, 7.3%, 3.6%, 1.4%, 7.2% and 3.6%.




"Guangxu Yuanbao" is naturally coated with paste, with fine carving, clear and visible patterns and strong relief feeling. You can feel the concave and convex texture on the coins by touching it with your hand. Coins have been handed down since the Qing Dynasty. After more than 100 years of merciless baptism, the traces of history are obvious. Rust can be seen on the coins. The rust color is natural and harmonious. It has a unique flavor. It has a distinctive and strong historical characteristics. It has an unspeakable collection value, and it is loved by collectors. Guangxu Yuanbao is a major category of silver coin collection, which has always been concerned by many collectors. It has a unique charm and is worth collecting. In particular, Guangxu Yuanbao made in Sichuan Province is favored by collectors and becomes the focus of many buyers. With the passage of time and the influence of various external factors, the number of Guangxu Yuanbao in Guangdong Province has decreased year by year. It is extremely rare and precious. It is a rare and precious ancient coin


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