[collection name]: Double Flag coin


Collection category: Coins


[collection quantity]: one piece


[introduction to the collection]: there are ten double-sided flags on the commemorative coin of the founding of the Republic of China. On the front, the 18 star flag intersects with the five colored flag, and the ribbon is tied, reflecting the social background and characteristics of the times. The two flags are surrounded by four traditional characters of "the Republic of China" and five traditional characters of "Founding commemorative coin" at the bottom. It is a kind of rare calligraphy with strong and powerful characters and ingenious and appropriate frame structure. There is a flower decoration on both sides.


There are two flags on the back of the coin, with the layout of decorations on it, in English and Chinese. The inner ring is evenly arranged with protruding points to form a beautiful pearl ring. There is a "cross" at the top of the pearl ring. The following is jiahetu and leaf shape. The beads are surrounded by English, with "the Republic of China" and "the Republic of China" in the middle and six flowers in the middle. The shape of the whole coin is regular and the production is fine. Although it has been washed for a long time, the surface of the coin is well preserved, the appearance of the product is good, the paste is natural, rare, and has indescribable value, which is worth cherishing.


Among the Double Flag coins, the most attractive one is the commemorative coin of the founding of the Republic of China. As this is the first currency issued by the Republic of China, the significance of collection is still very great. In recent years, in the auction market, the commemorative coin of the founding of the Republic of China has gone up all the way. This coin is in good condition, with clear words, and a circle of leaf pattern on the back. This version is rare in the world, and has a certain collection value. They are more strict in the pursuit of the collection, and pay more attention to the perfect appearance and future value of the collection on the premise of rare and precious


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