[collection name]: Sandalwood carved from twelve zodiac Zodiac


[collection quantity]: one piece


[introduction to collection]: the main body of the twelve zodiac ornament is surrounded by dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, pig, mouse, tiger, rabbit and ox. It fully shows that our Chinese nation is a hardworking and kind-hearted great nation. Every Chinese has its own Zodiac. Some people belong to pigs and some people to dogs. What's the meaning of this? In fact, what our ancestors expected was that harmony should not be biased, and that we should know how to cut in from the corresponding plane. For example, a pig can pursue loyalty in his easygoing nature; People who belong to dogs are easygoing in their nature of loyalty, so there is endless aftertaste in the appreciation of this thing. On the bottom is the seal of "Qianlong year system of Qing Dynasty". It is a kind of culture. An art is the product of the times and the carrier of culture. The witness of history provides us with the historical information of zodiac culture.


This work is 25.5cm in height, exquisite in shape, vivid in craftsmanship and grand in shape. The jade carving altar of the Chinese zodiac is carved with Qianlong white jade. It is ingenious in conception and exquisite in craftsmanship. The layout of the jade carving altar is set off by the Chinese zodiac and the altar body, implying that the stars are shining high, wealth and peace, auspiciousness and health. A school of leisure and contentment. The jade is exquisitely carved, with clear color, delicate texture and no flaws. It is suitable for ornaments.


The changes of the times did not make the zodiac culture decline, and the zodiac, as the leading role of the Spring Festival, has been strengthened compared with ancient times. Zodiac art has become a new favorite of collectors. Famous artists create new Zodiac art products, and folk crafts of the zodiac bring forth new ones. The culture of the zodiac is constantly developing and innovating in modern times, creating higher economic value, which makes people firmly believe that the ancient Zodiac culture will be carried forward and inherited from generation to generation. With the theme of "turning the world around", the main body of this decoration skillfully uses the different volumes of the zodiac to make the overall picture composition very hierarchical, complex but not miscellaneous, with a wide implication. The bottom is engraved with "Qianlong year system of the Qing Dynasty". The ornaments, no matter in material selection or carving technology, can be regarded as a masterpiece. It is a very precious collection with artistic appreciation, high ornamental value and inestimable economic value, which is worthy of collection. The twelve zodiac ornaments with such excellent materials and rich meanings are rare on the market. Major experts began to tap its value, and senior experts evaluated it as a potential stock that can "leverage the market".


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