Collection name: Yuanbao, Guangxu, Sichuan


Collection category: Coins


[collection quantity]: one piece


[collection introduction]: people who have a little knowledge of the history of Qing Dynasty coins know that there were 19 casting bureaus in the Qing Dynasty, especially in Guangxu period. These provincial bureaus, except the Central Committee, were local ones, so there were great differences in coin casting. Unlike before, Guangxu Yuanbao was made after introducing advanced foreign coin technology and equipment in 1898. It was first in Guangdong Province, and later gradually spread to other provincial bureaus and became a template.


Because it is the first group of coins to be printed by foreign coinage technology, Guangxu Yuanbao has great historical significance in the history of coins. Combined with 19 provinces and provinces, the scale of the casting is rare in previous dynasties. It was a reflection of the resolution of the Emperor Guangxu, the ruler of the time, to revive the Qing Dynasty. Unfortunately, Emperor Guangxu had too little power to compete with empress Cixi, so he could only focus his energy on the casting of Guangxu Yuan Bao. Therefore, Guangxu Yuan Bao was more refined, advanced and more popular than all previous coins.


On the front of the coin, there is Guangxu Yuanbao written in Chinese in the bead circle, and in the middle, there are flower patterns, not the Guangxu Yuanbao in Manchu, which is different from the Guangxu Yuanbao in other provinces. In addition, the Dragon behind Yuanbao Dangshi in Guangxu, Sichuan, is not a flying dragon in the air, but a majestic flying dragon. It looks very majestic with strong posture and outspoken claws, showing the majesty of the royal family.


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