[collection name]: Double animal ear Zun of Song Dynasty official kiln


[collection type]: porcelain


[collection quantity]: one piece


[introduction to collection]: this collection is a Song Dynasty official kiln double animal ear Zun with exquisite and generous shape, perfect appearance and natural coating.

宋瓷窑场首推五大名窑,即汝、官、钧、哥、定。官窑是宋徽宗政和年间在京师汴梁张家造的,窑址至今没有发现。官窑主要烧制青瓷,大观年间,釉色以月色、粉青、大绿三种颜色最为流行。官瓷胎体较厚,天青色釉略带粉红颜色,釉面开大纹片。这是因胎、釉受热后膨胀系数不同产生的效果。瓷器足部无釉,烧成后是铁黑色,口部釉薄,微显胎骨,即通常所说的"紫口铁足"。这是北宋官窑瓷器的典型特征。 北宋官窑瓷器传世很少,十分珍稀名贵。

The first five famous kilns in Song Dynasty were Ru, Guan, Jun, GE and Ding. The official kiln was built in Zhangjia of Bianliang in the reign of Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty. During the Daguan period, the most popular glaze colors were moon, pink and green. The body of the official porcelain is thick, the sky blue glaze is slightly pink, and the glaze has large grains. This is due to the different expansion coefficient of the tire and glaze after heating. The porcelain has no glaze on its feet. After firing, it is iron black. The glaze on its mouth is thin and slightly shows the fetal bone, which is commonly known as "Purple mouth iron foot". This is a typical feature of official porcelain in the Northern Song Dynasty. The official porcelain of the Northern Song Dynasty is rare and precious.


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