2021年精品推荐 鎏金铜元宝






In ancient times, the wing is generally used as a large house built house please Mr Feng shui is buried under the foundation which bearing, or buried in the foundation of the house, directly placed in the home, and used in town house, with a thriving business.Life of word silver piece to the study of ancient society, the development of economy provides important data, has a history of great value and collection value, the attention of collectors. Wing is also called gold ingots, is one of the ancient Chinese monetary system important constituent, is also the important media of ancient national finance income



Life of word gold ingot, shape such as form, copper and gold, beautifully made. Wing on bright luster in see heavy, patina massiness, quality of a material is solid, its top arc shape, exquisite and meticulous, yingying a grip of the waist, exquisite. "Shou" word lines, and design "longevity" natural, strewn at random have send a writing pattern, considered a lucky, there are "live a long, long life and blessed day, have long life, longevity and health".




Collection of ancient COINS is only a value, cultural value, the casting process. The most rare way in the world is gold ingot "longevity", "cheung kei TongBao", "getting TongBao", "Chinese and foreign TongBao". One of the highest value of "gold ingot" vigor, quite hard, now the old gold ingot "longevity" is the only hard to find you baby.


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