In recent years, a number of valuable currencies continue to appear in the art auction market, and achieve their own popular price trajectory, especially in the Qing Dynasty, the hands of private Tibetan friends as long as the collection of a higher "value", its survival and economic expansion period of the currency of the Republic of China, more rare, It is therefore more valuable in value.

乾隆通宝是乾隆时期的流通货币, 乾隆皇帝在位的60年里施展其“文治武功”的治国策略,创造了封建社会里最后一个辉煌盛世,之后民间便盛传佩带“乾隆通宝”铜钱可驱灾辟邪,又因乾隆二字谐音“钱隆”而备受后世藏家所喜爱的钱币。

Qianlong Tongbao was the currency of Qianlong period. During the 60 years of Emperor Qianlong's reign, he used his strategy of "governing the country with culture and martial arts" to create the last glorious era in the feudal society. After that, it was widely spread among the people that wearing "Qianlong Tongbao" copper coins could drive away disasters and evil spirits. Because of the homonym of "Qianlong" in Qianlong period, it was loved by later collectors.


该钱币铸于清高宗乾隆年间(1736-1795年),背面的满文比较复杂,上面有很详细的价格和钱币拓片。钱面文字"乾隆通宝"以楷书书写,其字从上而下而右而左直读。钱背文字沿雍正满文钱式穿孔左边有"宝"字,穿孔右边铸有各局名 。币种与不同时期形状与大小也有不同。

The coin was coined in the reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Dynasty (1736-1795). Qian Mian character "Qianlong Tongbao" is written in regular script, and its characters are read directly from top to bottom, right and left. The characters on the back of money have the word "Bao" on the left side and the names of bureaus on the right side. The shape and size of currency and different periods are also different.


乾隆通宝,雍正十三年(1735 年)铸行的货币,要求仍重一钱二分,书法铸工都比雍正时更为精美。钱面文字“乾隆通宝”以楷书书写,其字从上而下而右而左直读。钱背文字沿雍正满文钱式穿孔左边有“宝“字,穿孔右边铸“源”字,品相较好,具有较高的收藏价值。

The coins of Tongbao in Qianlong and Yongzheng (1735) were still required to weigh one yuan and two cents, and the calligraphic forgers were all more exquisite than those of Yongzheng. Qian Mian character "Qianlong Tongbao" is written in regular script, and its characters are read directly from top to bottom, right and left. The characters on the back of money have "Bao" on the left side and "Yuan" on the right side along the Yongzheng Manchu money style perforation, which is of good quality and high collection value.


With the passage of time and the change of dynasties, the ancient coins also quietly lost, gradually reduced, and the ancient coins have the characteristics of non replication. Therefore, people gradually realize the significance and value of the collection of coins. The collection of ancient coins has created a mythical miracle and thus has the energy to turn the world around. It is the combination of such imperialist hegemony and Chinese spirit that attracts the world's attention. Although ancient coins are no longer used as coins on the market, they have extraordinary collection value, which brings unexpected wealth to collectors. Copper money is hard, five elements belong to gold, copper absorbs the power of the gas field better than gold and silver. Therefore, copper coin has a strong role in resolving evil spirit. In addition, the outer circle of copper coin represents the sky, the inner circle represents the earth, and the middle emperor's year number represents the person. The three elements of "heaven, earth and man" are available.



Each period of money, shape, texture and text has its own unique style and characteristics. The casting technology of each historical period is different, it is impossible to master the counterfeiting comprehensively. How to value money to see the world of coins to determine. Money has not only economic value, but also historical value and artistic value. Historical value and artistic value directly affect economic value.










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